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How To: Start Your Own Cosmetics Brand Makeup Book
This is a physical copy that will be shipped to you. See other listings for the digital download version. Learn how to make and sell your own natural cosmetics from Delia Worley, founder and owner of Raw Beauty Minerals natural...
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Smokey Quartz Points on Black Metal Base
Clear negative energy out with this extra quality Smokey Quartz natural point display piece. Perfect desk or home decor item, and makes a great gift.  Measures approximately 5" H *no two pieces are ever alike and may not look like...
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Moroccan Quartz Geodes-Crack Them Open!
Crack open your own geode and discover the beauty of natural quartz inside! Each one is different, and stones vary in size, color as well as what's inside. There is no guarantee, but they're fun! Lightly tap on a stone...
$49.00 $35.00
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Natural Rose Quartz on Metal Stand Home Decor Display Piece
So sweet! These 100% natural Rose Quartz display pieces are hand cut and crafted direct from Brazilian artisans. Each one handpicked and mounted on an iron base. Excellent for home or office decor to invite in love, friendship and relationships of...
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Celestial Engraved Crescent Moon Selenite Plate
Celestial moons & stars laser engraved on a crescent moon selenite plate! Perfect for charging your smaller crystals and looks great as a display for your jewelry or trinkets.  2 sizes to choose from 5" or 6" Made in Morocco
$41.00 from $35.00
Fluorite Crystal Point
This hand cut and polished  crystal point can help eliminate negative energy around you and accumulation in the body. This effective energy tool can help increase your intuitive abilities, connecting with Spirit and your higher being. This stone should be cleansed...
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Sitting Ganesha Handcarved in Brass
Explore Today a beautiful statue for your yoga studio or for the sacred space in your home/office.Give a beautiful and peaceful presence to your living space with Ganesha Statue in a sitting pose. The artisan captures his peaceful features and...
$102.75 $89.00
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